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Thank you for considering HSBC as a potential partner. Please read the following information before submitting your sponsorship proposal via the online form.

The context for sponsorship

Sponsorship plays an important role in enabling HSBC to connect with its customers, staff and communities around the world. We carefully select these sponsorships to match our vision and values, and are also committed to creating a positive legacy through our sponsorships, by investing in youth development and grassroots initiatives.

What HSBC is looking for

·      Leading events which reflect our brand values and purpose

·      Events that bring people together 

·      Events that are internationally relevant

·      Events that support our aim to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships 

Group policy restrictions

As a matter of policy HSBC does not support:

·         Individuals or scholarship schemes;

·         Political, partisan, religious, sectarian associations;

·         Multi-sponsor properties with other financial service companies involved;

·         Projects for commercial gain or to fill a shortfall in statutory spending;

·         Properties that could potentially create a reputational risk;

·         Capital spend or refurbishment projects;

·         Properties which contradict our environmental and ethical policies.

Your next steps?

Please complete this short Sponsorship Request Form.

Please complete one Sponsorship Request Form for each type of package (i.e. Title Sponsor, Secondary Sponsor, Official Supplier, etc.) that you would like HSBC to consider.

Please answer all questions and ensure you include a rights fee or asking budget. All information will be treated confidentially. Before submitting online, you may print a blank version of the Sponsorship Request Form by clicking on 'Printable Form' in the top right of the page.

Please note that if you are considering HSBC Canada or HSBC Turkey as a potential partner you should apply through the market specific sponsorship request forms:

·         For Canada please click  here

·         For Turkey please click  here

Thank you in advance for your time and we will come back to you in due course.

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